Sentence Examples with the word merchandise

According to a law published in 1899, Turkish merchandise became subjected to the same rates as that of foreign nations.

Told 'em what I paid for the merchandise and they didn't bat an eyebrow.

It is also connected by rail with Kalach on the Don, where merchandise from the Sea of Azov is disembarked.

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The following table shows the value of the total imports and exports of merchandise in the foreign and colonial trade at the ports of Dublin, Belfast and Limerick in each of the years 1901-1905: The Department of Agriculture published in 1906 a report on the imports and exports at Irish ports for the year 1904.

It was useless for Venice to accumulate eastern merchandise if she could not freely pass it on to the west.

Money for common purposes was raised from time to time, as necessity demanded, by the imposition on Hanse merchandise of poundage dues, introduced in 1361, while the counters relied upon a small levy of like nature and upon fines to meet current needs.

They allow for easy return of merchandise that doesn't meet my expectations, decreasing my fear of making a bad purchasing decision.

There is no evidence that merchandise and foodstuffs are means of dissemination, but a great deal of evidence against such a theory.

From the records of Fa-Hian of the 4th century it is clear that ships from China exchanged merchandise with Arab vessels at Ceylon, and this is confirmed by the account of Cosmas, who wrote between S30 and J50 A.D.

In 1919 the republic exported merchandise to the extent of 566 million tons and imported 183 millions.