Sentence Examples with the word menu

He slapped his menu closed.

There were pictures on her mantle of the two of them together when he was younger, toys piled into a box near her couch, a school lunch menu and more pictures -- these apparently from past Halloweens --on the bulletin board on one wall of the kitchen.

All four perused the menu judiciously, with father and mother occasionally offering comments and explanations.

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The old man perused the wine menu with a studious eye, mispronouncing the items with enough of a smile so you never knew if he was kidding or ignorant.

Inspectors and tax-gatherers did their work under police protection, and in several parts of the country riots had to be suppressed menu inililari.

The boy discovered something on the menu to his liking and enthusiastically pointed it out to his father.

Our only concerns are the Canon menu system, which is just too esoteric for our liking.