Sentence Examples with the word mentor

Most of them obeyed; Artabazus of Phrygia, who tried to resist and was supported by his brothersin-law, Mentor and Memnon of Rhodes, was defeated and fled to Philip of Macedon.

Although acting as minister of foreign affairs he was never made chancellor; but he was the political mentor of Catherine during the first eighteen years of her reign.

The story was printed in the January number of the Mentor and, from a review of it in the Goodson Gazette, I was startled to find that a very similar story had been published in 1873, seven years before Helen was born.

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Mentor after the conquest of Egypt rose high in the favour of the king, and Memnon, who had taken refuge with Artabazus at the Macedonian court, became a zealous adherent of the Persian king; he assisted Mentor in subduing the rebellious satraps and dynasts in Asia Minor, and succeeded him as general of the Persian troops.

There aren't any living Oracles to mentor her, either.

He recalled too little of Jame's wisdom, but the disjointed words of his mentor soothed him nonetheless.

During the absence of the latter, Mentor was entrusted with the care of his household and the guardianship of his son Telemachus.

But fear of seeing disappointment in the eyes of her mentor kept her silent.

Or maybe, the right mentor had chosen him.

It's unfortunate you don't have a mentor to show you more about your talents.