Sentence Examples with the word memory

Stayed at the castle in 12 9 6 and 1303, and it was to blot out the memory of his visit that the building was destroyed immediately after national independence had been reasserted.

To Arnold Toynbee may be given the credit of leading the way in this direction, and the Hall which Canon Barnett established (in 1885) to his memory in the east end of London was the first material embodiment of the movement.

ANGELUS, a Roman Catholic devotion in memory of the Annunciation.

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Even now he felt clearly that the gory trace of that recollection would not pass with time, but that the terrible memory would, on the contrary, dwell in his heart ever more cruelly and painfully to the end of his life.

The hospital is dedicated to the memory of Lessing, who was born here.

His memory was long regarded in Saxony with great abhorrence, and stories of cruelty and treachery gathered round his name.

The smartest epigrams, the fairest similes, the keenest satires, spoken or sung on such occasions, were treasured in the memory of the hearers and carried by them to their homes.

Before long, however, the overthrow of Astyages by Cyrus cleared Mesopotamia, and Nabonidus (Nabu-naid) was able, drawing on the resources of the whole of Syria for the purpose, to restore the famous temple of Sin at Harran, where a few years later he erected in memory of his mother, who seems to have been a priestess there, the stele published in 1907 by Pognon.

There are two ancient burying-grounds; the oldest, on Park Street, dates from about 1642 and contains the graves of ancestors of four presidents - Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, Franklin Pierce and Garfield - and a granite obelisk to the memory of Loammi Baldwin (1744-1807).

By way of corroborating it (a fatal step, if the case came before a modern English court of justice); or Darnley's memory of his conversation with Mary was so fresh, when he dictated his recollection of it to Crawford on 2 1st-22nd January 1567, that he reported speeches in almost the very same words as Mary used in writing Letter II.