Sentence Examples with the word memoir

Meantime he was lecturing and writing the great memoir (Borchardt's Journal, vol.

In the following year his memoir on the secular acceleration of the moon's mean motion partially invalidated Laplace's famous explanation, which had held its place unchallenged for sixty years.

His Essai sur la theorie des satellites de Jupiter (1766), an expansion of a memoir presented to the Academy in 1763, showed much original power; and it was followed up in 1771 by a noteworthy dissertation Sur les inegalites de la lumiere des satellites de Jupiter.

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In 1855 he published a memoir of Thomas Young, and about the same time there appeared Young's collected works in three volumes, for the first two of which Peacock was responsible.

It is now necessary to revert to the year 1842, in which Dr Cornay of Rochefort communicated to the French Academy of Sciences a memoir on a new classification of birds, of which, however, nothing but a notice has been preserved (Comptes rendus, xiv.

Bobillier in the memoir Essai sur un nouveau mode de recherche des proprietes de l'etendue (Gerg.

The memoir of the last-named, published in the Journal de l'Ecole royale polytechnique for 1847 (xviii., 1 -270), ranks as a classic on the subject; it is replete with examples and illustrations, and discusses the various phenomena in minute detail.

A Latin memoir of Tamerlane by Perondinus, printed in 1600, entitled Magni Tamerlanis scytharum imperatoris vita, describes Timur as tall and bearded, broad-chested and broadshouldered, well-built but lame, of a fierce countenance and with receding eyes, which express cruelty and strike terror into the lookers-on.

See Lloyd, Memoirs of Excellent Personages (1669) and Earl de Grey, A Memoir of the Life of Sir Charles Lucas (1845).

De Belgique, xxxvii., 1873) devised a great number of beautiful illustrations 1 See Enrico Betti, Teoria della Capillarita: Nuovo Cimento (1867); a memoir by M.