Sentence Examples with the word memel

Sembritzki, Geschichte der koniglich preussischen Seeand Handelsstadt Memel (Memel, 1900); and Memel in ig Jahrhundert (Memel, 1902).

Including the Memel area, to which the people aspire as an outlet to the sea, it may be said that 4,295,000 souls inhabit ethnographical Lithuania.

It is mostly shallow and only close to Memel attains a depth of 23 ft.

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Are not uncommon, and the rivers are generally icebound for two and a half to three months - the Warta being under ice for 70 to 80 days, the Vistula at Warsaw for 80 days and (exceptionally) even for 116, and the Memel for 100 (exceptionally for 140).

In the Memel area 565,000 persons are under temporary French occupation; in the Polangen district 3,000 under Lettish governance.

Soon afterwards at Memel he entered into a close alliance with Prussia, not as he boasted from motives of policy, but in the spirit of true chivalry, out of friendship for the young king Frederick William and his beautiful wife.

By this truce Sweden was, for six years, to retain possession of her Livonian conquests, besides holding Elbing, the Vistula delta, Braunsberg in West, and Pillau and Memel in East Prussia, with the right to levy tolls at Pillau, Memel, Danzig, Labiau and Windau.

In the delta of the Memel and the environs of Hamburg.

The Russ is connected with the outlet of the Kurisches Haff at Memel by a canal, while another canal links the Gilge arm southward with the Pregel.

It is thus unnavigable except for small coasting and fishing boats, and sea-going vessels proceed through the Memeler Tief (Memel Deep), which connects the Baltic with Memel and has a depth of 19 ft.