Sentence Examples with the word membrane

He proposed to make the armature partake of the vibrations of the atmosphere either by converting it into a suitable vibrator or by controlling its vibrations by a stretched membrane of parchment armature had the form of a hinged lever one end, which pressed against the centre.

Pit-threads whIch traverse the closing membrane of the pits in the FIG.

It is a colourless liquid, with a very pungent smell, and attacks the mucous membrane very rapidly.

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For inflammation of the mouth a similar combination is used as a mouth wash, in the throat as a gargle, and in the nose as a wash and sometimes as an ointment or spray, the ointment possessing the advantage of protecting the delicate nasal mucous membrane from irritation by stopping the entrance of irritant dust into the nasal cavities.

The strength of the astringent application and the mode of its administration are varied according to the delicacy and position of the mucous membrane affected.

Pfeffer, made known the phenomena of the osmotic pressure which is set up by the passage of solvent through a membrane impermeable to the dissolved substance or solute.

In the case of diphtheria Sidney Martin obtained toxic albumoses in the spleen, which he considered were due to the digestive action of an enzyme formed by the bacillus in the membrane and absorbed into the circulation.

In most Heteronemertines these elements are separated by a thin homogeneous basement membrane (fig.

The workers in question remain within the nest, suspended by their feet, and serve as living honey-pots for the colony, becoming so distended by the supplies of honey poured into their mouths by their foraging comrades that their abdomens become sub-globular, the pale intersegmental membrane being tightly stretched between the widely-separated dark sclerites.

In locusts (Acridiidae) a large ovate, tympanic membrane (fig.