Sentence Examples with the word melting

Alligare, to combine), a term generally applied to the intimate mixtures obtained by melting together two or more metals, and allowing the mass to solidify.

They released the heartache they had been holding in and were filled with unencumbered passion, melting into each other as they had the first time, but now neither held any secrets, and neither needed to maintain control.

In this process the raw sugar is mixed with a small amount of syrup so as to form a suitable magma, and is then run into a continuous centrifugal, where it is sufficiently washed, and from which it runs out, comparatively clean, into the melting pans described above.

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At the same time small bars of argentiferous lead, inserted at the back, are slowly pushed forward, so that in melting down they may replace the oxidized lead.

The sinking sound of melting snow is heard in all dells, and the ice dissolves apace in the ponds.

A redistilled zinc, from an ordinarily pure commercial zinc, is often called chemically pure, but redistillation is seldom practised except for the recovery of zinc from galvanizer's dross and from the skimmings and bottoms of the melting furnaces of zinc rolling mills.

The rapid melting of the snow at the same time causes the rivers to swell, and renders a.

For melting the leadless glasses, open, bowl-shaped crucibles are used, ranging from 12 to 40 in.

When the furnace with this well-known regulating device was to be used, say, for the melting of metals or other conductors of electricity, the fragments of metal were placed in the crucible and the positive electrode was brought near them.

It may be obtained crystallized in quadratic octahedra of a greenish-blue colour, by melting in a sealed tube containing an inert gas, and inverting the tube when the metal has partially solidified.