Sentence Examples with the word mekong

Venomous reptiles are numerous, and the Mekong contains crocodiles.

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The Mekong divides at Pnom-Penh in Cambodia into two arms, the Fleuve superieur and the Fleuve inferieur, which, pursuing a course roughly parallel from northwest to south-east, empty into the China Sea by means of the numerous channels of its extensive delta.

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Cochin-China consists chiefly of an immense plain, flat and monotonous, traversed by the Mekong and extending from Ha-Tien in the west to Baria in the east, and from Bien-Hoa in the north-east to the southern point of the peninsula of Ca-Mau in the south-west.

Corner and separate the waters of the Yangtsze-kiang, the Mekong and the Salween.

The Burmese boundary leaves the Mekong to run westwards towards the Salween, and thereafter following the eastern watershed of the Salween basin it divides the Lower Burma provinces from Siam.

France, while assuring the British Government that .she laid no claim to the province of Luang Prabang, which was situated on both banks of the upper Mekong, roughly between the 18th and 10th parallels, claimed that farther south the Mekong formed the true boundary between Siam and Annam, and demanded the evacuation of certain Siamese posts east of the river.

In area, is encircled by well-defined boundaries, the great river Mekong dividing it clearly from French Laos on the N.

As early as the 12th century B.C., Chinese chronicles, which are almost the only source for the history of Cambodia till the 5th century A.D., mention a region called Fou-nan, in later times appearing under the name of Tchin-la; embracing the basin of the Menam, it extended eastwards to the Mekong and may be considered approximately coextensive with the Khmer kingdom.