Sentence Examples with the word mediocre

He is said to have been asked by Napoleon to write his Histoire de France (14 vols., 1805), a mediocre compilation at second or third hand, with the assistance of de Mezeray and of Paul Francois Velly (1709-1759).

The hieromnemones were formally superior, but because of the method of appointment they were necessarily men of mediocre ability, inexperienced in speaking and public business, and for that reason they readily became the tools of the pylagori, who were orators and statesmen.

Unity and vigour were scarcely to be expected from a many-headed administration composed of men of mediocre talent whose contrary opinions speedily gave rise to contending factions.

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Bredal (1733-1778), who became director of the Royal Danish Theatre, and the writer of some mediocre plays.

But what may seem to a Napoleon the best course is not necessarily the one that suggests itself to a mediocre mind, and the greater the gulf which separates the two minds the greater the uncertainty which must prevail on the side of the abler commander.

In spite of being a mediocre athlete at best, Dean had thrived on sports.

He turned to literature and published some mediocre poems. In January 1870 a violent incident brought him again into prominence.

Auguste Clavareau (1787-1864), a mediocre poet, an imitator of the French and Dutch, produced some successful comedies, but he ceased to write plays before 1830.

Henceforth even the mediocre scholar had a body of technical rules by which to sort out the vast mass of apocrypha in medieval documentary sources.

These were followed by a mediocre edition of the Arabic text of Edrisi's Description of Spain (1799), with notes and a translation.