Sentence Examples with the word medio

To it also lies a direct appeal from the court of first instance, omisso medio (Smith, op. cit.

Graf, Roma nella memoria e nella imaginazione del medio evo, i.

Balzani, Le Cronache italiane nel medio evo (Milan, 1884).

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An excellent account of the Cosmati is given by Boito, Architettura del medio evo (Milan, 1880), pp. 117 -182.

One other posthumous production also (besides the tract on Heresy before mentioned) may be referred to this, if not, as Aubrey suggests, an earlier time - the two thousand and odd elagiac verses in which he gave his 1 The De medio animarum statu of Thomas White, a heterodox Catholic priest, who contested the natural immortality of the soul.

De Sismondis Ripubligues ilaliennes (Brussels, I838) and Carlo Trovas Stone d Italia net medio evo are among the most valuable general works, while the large Storia Politica d Italia by various authors, ptiblished at Milan, is also importantF.

Of modern books may be mentioned Schmidt, Histoire des Cathares; Hahn, Geschichte der neumanichaischen Ketzer; Dieckhoff, Die Waldenser im Mittelalter; Preger, Beitrage zur Geschichte der Waldensier; Cantu, Gli Eretici in Italia; Comba, Storia della Riforma in Italia, and Histoire des Vaudois d'Italie; Tocco, L'Eresia nel medio evo; Montet, Histoire litteraire des Vaudois; Lea, History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages.

The natives designate the Bolivian climatic zones as yungas, valle or medio yungas, cabezera de valle, puna and puna brava.

Between the Supe and Pativilca is the desert called the Pampa del Medio Mundo.

His most important work was his Economia politica del medio evo (Turin, 1839), which enjoyed great popularity at the time, but is now of little value.