Sentence Examples with the word medicinally

Pyrogallol has antiseptic properties and is employed medicinally in the treatment of psoriasis.

Mineral waters are used medicinally at Ciechocinek in Plock and Nalgczow in Lublin.

It is medicinally superior to gum acacia, as it does not undergo acetous fermentation.

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The first is based on the fact that the iron in the haemoglobin of the blood must be derived from the food, therefore iron medicinally administered is absorbed.

When given medicinally preparations of iron have an astringent taste, and the teeth and tongue are blackened owing to the formation of sulphide of iron.

Hyphear is useful for fattening cattle if they are hardy enough to withstand the purgative effect it produces at first; viscum is medicinally of value as an emollient, and in cases of tumour, ulcers and the like.

The leaves and husk of the fruit are resinous and astringent, and are sometimes used medicinally as well as for dyeing purposes.

The latter was much used by the Greeks for making images; and its empyreumatic oil, Huile de Cade, is used medicinally for skin-diseases.

Acetone has been employed medicinally in cases of dyspnoea.

Several members of the order are used medicinally for the strong purging properties of the milky juice (latex) which they contain; scammony is the dried latex from the underground stem of Convolvulus Scarnmonia, a native of the Levant, while jalap is the product of the tubercles of Exogonium Purga, a native of Mexico.