Sentence Examples with the word medical

In 1784 he proceeded for the study of medicine to Edinburgh, where he participated to the full in the intellectual ferment, but did not quite neglect his medical studies, and took his degree in 1787.

Based on her medical records, the tumor didn't grow until she hit puberty and didn't interfere with her ability to function before a few years ago, Wynn started.

Other medical works translated into Latin are the Medicamenta Cordialia, Canticum de Medicina, Tractatus de Syrupo Acetoso.

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The risk of importing plague from India has been materially lessened by medical inspection of outward-bound ships at the principal ports.

Biographical information on her and her immediate family, her own medical and employment histories, all forms she'd completed without question.

It embraces many duties - some of them menial and disagreeable - besides the purely medical and surgical functions.

As by the discovery of stethoscopy by Laennec a new field of medical science and art was opened up, so, more recently, inventions of other new methods of investigation in medicine have opened to us other fields of little less interest and importance.

In addition the native army includes supply and transport corps, the medical service, and the veterinary service, officered in the higher ranks by officers of the A.S.C., R.A.

He is best known by the five volumes of Medical Inquiries and Observations, which he brought out 'at intervals from 1789 to 1798 (two later editions revised by the author).

He came to Rome as a young man, and soon became distinguished both for his medical skill and his oratorical power.