Sentence Examples with the word mediator

But the origin of a separate priestly class, distinct from the natural heads of the community, cannot be explained by any such broad general principle; in some cases, as in Greece, it is little more than a matter of convenience that part of the religious duties of the state should be confided to special ministers charged with the care of particular temples, while in others the intervention of a special priesthood is indispensable to the validity of every religious act, so that the priest ultimately becomes a mediator and the vehicle of all divine grace.

In 1860 he acted as mediator between Victor Emmanuel's government and the republic of San Marino, and arranged a treaty by which the latter's liberties were guaranteed.

Like others of the Reformers he had been led independently to preach justification by faith and to declare that Jesus Christ was the one and only Mediator between sinful man and God; but his construction rested upon what he regarded as biblical conceptions of the nature of God and man rather than upon such private personal experiences as those which Luther had made basal.

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The king (for titles see PHARAOH) was the head of the hierarchy: he was himself divine and is often styled the good god, and was the proper mediator between gods and men.

Blount assaults the doctrine of a mediator as irreligious.

As queen-mother she played the part of a mediator between her sons and political parties.

In his logic, and especially in his epistemology, Wundt appears as a mediator between Hume and Kant, but with more leaning to the latter.

Unlike an arbitrating power the mediator limits his intervention to suggestion and advice.

The church as the guide of the nation in duty and godliness, even extending its activity into state affairs as a mediator and a moderator, was not sufficient.

He writes that Moses was prepared from before the foundation of the world to be the mediator of God's covenant with his people (i.