Sentence Examples with the word medial

The length of its medial line N.

AUGUST FRIEDRICH GFRORER (1803-1861), German historian, was born at Calw, Wurttemberg, on the 5th of March 1 So written, with a medial mem (.) instead of the final (o).

In propane, on the other hand, the hydrogen atoms attached to the terminal carbon atoms differ from those joined to the medial atom; we may therefore expect to obtain different compounds according to the position of the hydrogen atom substituted.

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CH(CH 3) CH 3, isobutane, substitution occurring at the medial atom.

For general purposes, however, the symbol (2), in which the lateral rings are benzenoid and the medial ring fatty, represents quite adequately the syntheses, decompositions, and behaviour of anthracene.

This gable is tilted eastwards, and its two long slopes are defined by bordering mountain chains which run across its medial ridge; the main Syrian streams are those which follow those slopes between the 'chains, thus running either north or south for most of their courses, and only finding their way to the western sea by making sharp elbows at the last.

Long in its medial line, and has a shore-line of more than 300 m.; its area is about 450 sq.

The retention of medial f which in Latin became b; 2.

H; (2) the retention of s between vowels; (3) the change of medial and initial d to 1; (4) the retention of medial f which became in Latin b or d; and (5) the change of Ind.-Eur.

Conway, The Italic Dialects, 352) shows a final -s and a medial -d-, both apparently preserved from the changes which befell these sounds, as we shall see, in the dialect of Iguvium.