Sentence Examples with the word media

For example, among the land vertebrates the feet (associated with the structure of the limbs and trunk) may take one of many lines of adaptation to different media or habitat, either aquatic, terrestrial, arboreal or aerial; while the teeth (associated with the structure of the skull and jaws) also may take one of many lines of adaptation to different kinds of food, whether herbivorous, insectivorous or carnivorous.

Master of Babylonia, Seleucus at once proceeded to wrest the neighbouring provinces of Persis, Susiana and Media from the nominees of Antigonus.

Like Gregory and Hall, he argued that, since the various humours of the human eye were so combined as to produce a perfect image, it should be possible by suitable combinations of lenses of different refracting media to construct a perfect object-glass.

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One thing I really cannot fathom is why the media go along with it.

He crushed the rebellion of Timarchus in Media and reduced Judaea to new subjection.

The problem of the stresses in rarefied gaseous media arising from inequalities of temperature, which is thereby opened out, involves some of the most delicate considerations in molecular physics.

In the past, when most media was mass media, it was essential to create products with mass appeal.

He had seen his figure in a dream; and so he sacrificed to God according to his direction, inspected the book of Daniel, and gave them - and at their request the Jews of Babylon and Media - leave to follow their own laws.

Fresnel obtained his formulae by assuming that the optical difference of media is due to a change in the effective density of the ether, the elasticity being the same - an assumption inconsistent with his theory of double refraction - and was led to the result that the vibrations are perpendicular to the plane of polarization.

There is reason to believe that the magnifying power of transparent media with convex surfaces was very early known.