Sentence Examples with the word meddle

It was not for men to meddle with secrets which are beyond human intelligence.

He's very young to come to meddle with us.

It was unsafe to meddle with the corpses and ghosts of these creatures.

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When mischief-makers don't meddle even a German beats Buonaparte.

No one might meddle in political affairs, neither parlements nor states-general; still less had the public any right to judge the actions of the government.

Now what cozening fiend it was, gentlemen, that possessed Radney to meddle with such a man in that corporeally exasperated state, I know not; but so it happened.

But, as he grew stronger, his desire for their good opinion paled before an overmastering propensity to meddle in the affairs of foreign nations.

He well knew that concerted action of the powers was impossible,, as the English government had firmly resolved not to meddle with French affairs.

Fortunately, Biren was, sufficiently prudent not to meddle with foreign affairs or with the army, and these departments in the able hands of two other foreigners, who thoroughly identified themselves with Russia, Andrei Osterman and Burkhardt Miinnich (q.v.) did great things in the reign of Anne.

Now maybe he would stop trying to meddle in her life.