Sentence Examples with the word medallion

The badge is a red enamelled cross with gold eagles in the angles, bearing in a medallion the mounted effigy of St Alexander Nevsky.

The badge is a red enamelled cross bordered with white and gold and surmounted by the imperial crown; the red medallion in the centre bears the letters F.I.A., and on the encircling white fillet is the inscription Integritati et Merito.

In the wall of the chancel, a medallion and inscription long distinguished the tomb of Columbus, whose remains were removed hither from Santo Domingo in 1796.

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The badge is a white cross with gold borders, with a red central medallion on which is the figure of St George slaying the dragon.

The central medallion represents the conversion of St Hubert.

A medallion of Homer hangs on the wall of my study, conveniently low, so that I can easily reach it and touch the beautiful, sad face with loving reverence.

She placed the medallion around her neck and admired it in the mirror, vowing not to think of the man whose presence plagued her.

The collar is composed of three members alternately, the imperial eagle bearing on a red medallion a figure of St George slaying the Dragon, the badge of the grand duchy of Moskow, the cipher of the emperor Paul I.

The badge of the class for science or art is a circular medallion of white, with a gold eagle in the centre surrounded by a blue border with the inscription Pour le Merite; on the white field the letters '3F.

The badge of the order is a cross of diamonds bearing in a medallion the effigy of St Catherine.