Sentence Examples with the word med

Was proclaimed in his med IV., stead.

Y'all get ready to go and meet us here at the med center.

Of On the 12th the capitulation was signed: Florence Florence was to pay an indemnity of 80,000 florins, the Med i c i (1530).

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In 1413 Mahommed defeated Mussa, and thus remained sole heir to Bayezid's throne; in seven or eight years he succeeded Mahom- in regaining all the territories over which his father med 1., had ruled, whereas Timur's empire fell to pieces 1413-1421.

Brady froze and straightened from packing supplies, striding into the med center.

The new sultan, Mahommed III., Murad's son, succeeded to the throne at a moment when the Turkish arms were suffering reverses in Hungary and in the revolted Danubian provinces; Mahom- the Janissaries, too, were ill-content and mutinous, med IJI., and to put an end to their murmurings Mahommed 1595-4603.

ForemOst among these was MahomPurt her med Ilasan Khan, hereditary chief of those Kajars Confusion.

He began by building on the European med II.

He told her about Cynthia and she talked about someone named Jack who was a med student whose family thought she was a jerk and they both decided life was too damned complicated and lots of the times it sucked, but not at times like this.

After completing his preparations, which included the casting of a monster cannon and the manufacture of enormous engines of assault, Mahom med Murad 1!., 1421-1451.