Sentence Examples with the word mechanics

Kennedy, Mechanics of Machinery; J.

On the other hand, under the influence of the mechanics of his day, which had hardly distinguished between inertia, or the inability of a body to change itself, and resistance or the ability of bodies to oppose one another, he concluded that, as inertia is passive, so is resistance, and refused to recognize that in collision the mutual resistance of moving bodies is a force, or active power, of changing their movements in opposite directions.

His first work, An Elementary Treatise on Mechanics (1819), co-operated with those of Peacock and Herschel in reforming the Cambridge method of mathematical teaching; to him in large measure was due the recognition of the moral and natural sciences as an integral part of the Cambridge curriculum (1850).

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Coulomb is distinguished in the history alike of mechanics and of electricity and magnetism.

Hence the world is left open for the free play of mechanics and geometry.

It is an easily traced outgrowth of the second branch of the Cloisonless first school just described, for one can readily underEameis stand that from placing the decorative design in a monochromatic field of low tone, which is essentially a pictorial method, development would proceed in the direction of concealing the mechanics of the art rn, order to enhance the pictorial effect.

He appears to have attended Dirichlet's lectures on theory of numbers, theory of definite integrals, and partial differential equations, and Jacobi's on analytical mechanics and higher algebra.

In1846-1848a remarkable religious brotherhood (the Briiderhaus, founded by Spittler of Basel) settled in Jerusalem: it was originally intended to be a settlement of celibate mechanics that would form a nucleus of mission work to evangelize the world.

Molly continued to hold Clair, even feeding her a bottle as Martha explained the mechanics of capturing mother's milk while the rest of us pretended not to listen.

He combined a roving disposition with a natural taste for mechanics and for literature.