Sentence Examples with the word measurement

The difficulty first arises in elementary mensuration, where it is partly met by associating arithmetical and geometrical measurement with the cardinal and the ordinal aspects of number respectively (see Arithmetic).

Some of his statues, now in the Louvre, are carved out of Sinaitic dolerite, and on the lap of one of them (statue E) is the plan of his palace, with the scale of measurement attached.

Their table of comparison published in 1906 shows the following agreement: - It seems likely that measurements of vapour pressure and compressibility may eventually enable us to determine accurately osmotic pressures in cases where direct measurement is impossible.

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On the other hand there are numerous methods by which the capacities of condensers may be compared and a relative measurement made in terms of some standard.

Instruments of this type with a permanent magnetic field are only available for the measurement of continuous currents, but soft-iron instruments of II??II?NIIIiIC?p u??i?,,.

In other cases, such as the measurement of the mutual distances and position angles of the satellites of Jupiter, for derivation of the elements of the orbits of the satellites and the mass of Jupiter, reference must also be made to measures of standard stars whose relative distance and position angle is accurately determined by independent methods (see Annals of the Cape Observatory, vol.

For accurate measurement of the displacements of lines of stellar spectra which are produced by the relative motion of star and observer in the line of sight, a very beautiful instrument has been devised by Dr J.

In fact, the whole theory of measurement in geometry arises at a comparatively late stage as the result of a variety of complicated considerations.

To Bouguer in 1748 is due the true conception of measurement by double image without the auxiliary aid of a filar micrometer, viz.

This frame, the outside measurement of which is 14 by 82 in., was the outcome of deliberations extending over a considerable time on the part of a committee of well-known bee-keepers, specially appointed in 1882 to consider the matter.