Sentence Examples with the word meanwhile

They seem especially to have had the care of the poor and the sick, and were interested in the musical part of worship. Meanwhile in Scotland the Iona monks had been expelled by the Pictish king Nechtan in 717, and the vacancies thus caused were by no means filled by the Roman monks who thronged into the north from Northumbria.

So did the effects of the odium theologicum, for the meanwhile at least, die away.

Similar events were meanwhile happening in North America, for the seas were steadily filled with sediments which drove them from the northeast towards the south-west, and doubtless those movements which at the close of this period uplifted the Appalachian mountains were already operative in the same direction.

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Hood had meanwhile extended his entrenchments southwards to cover the Macon railway, and Howard's movement led to another engagement (battle of Ezra Church, July 28) in which the XV.

Lucan had meanwhile called up the Heavy Brigade to support the Light, but it lost many men and horses and was quickly withdrawn.

The bargain was soon concluded, for James had in the meanwhile returned.

This he accomplished in the next spring, but meanwhile hardly a foothold remained to him in Gascony.

What had been happening to their Cappadocian province meanwhile we do not yet know; but the presence of Phrygian inscriptions at Euyuk and Tyana, ancient seats of their power, suggests that the client monarchy in the Sangarius valley shook itself free during the early part of the Hittite struggle with Assyria, and in the day of Hatti weakness extended its dominion over the home territory of its former suzerain.

In the meanwhile Grote had finally decided his philosophic and political attitude.

The leading nations of Europe began to compete for the prize of the peninsula, and learned meanwhile that culture which the Italians had perfected.