Sentence Examples with the word means

This ring is provided with a clamping screw, which, through the intervention of bevel-gear and rods, is operated by means of the hand-wheel 78.

When a charge of coal is dropped into the hopper, the bell-crank lever receives a violent jerk from the shackle of the flitch-plate, and this jerk by means of suitable mechanical arrangements throws a pinion on the cam shaft into gear with a wheel on a counter shaft From the Notice issued by the Standards Department of the Board of Trade, by permission of the Controller of H.M.

From the brain these spirits are conveyed through the body by means of the nerves, regarded by Descartes as tubular vessels, resembling the pipes conveying the water of a spring to act upon the mechanical appliances in an artificial fountain.

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By means of two collars K, K', the lever L is made to oscillate in unison with the beam B.

The French government - fearing to displease the other powers by following up its conquest, and hampered in particular by its engagements towards England, yet conscious that the only means of putting an end to the piracy was to remain - decided provisionally in favour of that intermediate system, called restricted occupation, which consisted in occupying merely the principal seaports and awaiting events.

The concluding years of Canute's reign were peaceful, as became a prince who, though by no means a coward, was not of an overwhelmingly martial temperament.

The Arabic writer Shahrastani endeavours to bridge the divergence between the two traditions by means of the following.

In September of the same year he was able to announce results which pointed to the means of securing immunity from the dreaded plague.

Except in British Columbia and the unorganized territories, nearly all of these are on reservations, where they are under government supervision, receiving an annuity in money and a certain amount of provisions; and where, by means of industrial schools and other methods, civilized habits are slowly superseding their former mode of life.

By means of simple formulae calculate quantities closely agreeing with those obtained from the seismogram.