Sentence Examples with the word meal

Urid, mashkalai), also known as green gram, is perhaps the most esteemed of the leguminous plants of India, where the meal of its seed enters into the composition of the more delicate cakes and dishes.

When the meal was over, Martha excused herself to leave.

As the meal progressed, their conversation remained open and relaxed.

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Natasha, who, of the whole family, was the most gifted with a capacity to feel any shades of intonation, look, and expression, pricked up her ears from the beginning of the meal and was certain that there was some secret between her father and Anna Mikhaylovna, that it had something to do with her brother, and that Anna Mikhaylovna was preparing them for it.

Elise held out a meal bar, which Lana accepted.

So can I. I got along before I hired you and I think I can manage one meal now.

She sat back in the low couch and ate her meal bars, mind going to the micro in his pocket.

Now his only concern was that she had his meal ready when he came home for supper.

The principal meals are breakfast, about an hour after sunrise; dinner, or the mid-day meal, at noon; and supper, which is the chief meal of the day, a little after sunset.

Howie stayed with him through most of an uneventful meal before waking back to the present.