Sentence Examples with the word meager

She looked at our meager supply of coins and hurried back to the checkout counter.

Before making his phone call, he ordered a Coors just to get a feel for the place and adjust his eyes to the meager light.

Betty had murmured something about jogging, kissed him on the nose, wiggled on her meager duds and left the tent, with the flap open just enough to admit the predawn chill and a red glow that would soon be sunrise.

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That would supplement her meager savings, and she could be with the twins.

We conveyed the meager information to a national tip line, fearing it might be too little too late.

She opened the cupboards and glanced over her meager supply of canned goods.

The lieutenant motioned for Dean to follow into his office at the end of the hall where Anderson reiterated the meager details of the Byrne case.

There were more important things to think about at the moment - like how she was going to support a baby on her meager wages.

Dean kept quiet about his meager half-breakfast.

Stomping harder, he tried to plant the spikes, as if gravity would bow to so meager a hold against its forces.