Sentence Examples with the word meade

At Fredericksburg he and his division won great distinction by their attack on the position held by Jackson's corps, and Meade was promoted majorgeneral of volunteers, to date from the 29th of November.

In 1859 he graduated, was ordained deacon by Bishop William Meade of Virginia, and became rector of the church of the Advent, Philadelphia.

On the 21st of May, with extraordinary pertinacity, he sent Meade and Burnside once more against the inner flank of the Army of northern Virginia.

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About the middle of the afternoon Hancock arrived on the field with orders from Meade to assume command and to decide whether to continue the fight there or to fall back.

During the Civil War (1861-65) the state gave to the Union 336,000 soldiers; and Generals McClellan, Hancock, Meade and Reynolds and Admirals Porter and Dahlgren were natives of the state.

Just as the Confederate troops reached the Union line Hancock was struck in the groin by a bullet, but continued in command until the repulse of the attack, and as he was at last borne off the field earnestly recommended Meade to make a general attack on the beaten Confederates.

The choice was unexpected, but Meade justified it by his conduct of the operations, and in the famous three days' battle he inflicted a complete defeat on General Lee's army.

After the war Meade commanded successively the military division of the Atlantic, the department of the east, the third military district (Georgia and Alabama) and the department of the south.

There are statues of General Meade in Philadelphia and at Gettysburg.

Not being on good terms with General Meade he left the staff, and was soon afterwards sent as chief of staff to Hooker, with the XI.