Sentence Examples with the word maze

Her apprehension grew as the vamp led her down a maze of hallways through scores of other vamps and past multiple doorways.

Life was simply a maze of possibilities waiting on decisions.

The maze in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace (fig.

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In gardening, a labyrinth or maze means an intricate network of pathways enclosed by hedges or plantations, so that those FIG.

He, moreover, definitively established, in 1783, the fact and general direction of the sun's movement in space, and thus introduced an element of order into the maze of stellar proper motions.

He led them through the maze until they emerged into a yawning cave lit by lanterns then continued into another set of halls.

Local glaciation has carved the higher levels of this range into a maze of amphitheatres containing lakes, separated from each other by aretes and alpine peaks.

Glimmers lit up along one wall, guiding her through the maze of the ship.

This time they started out heading west, into a maze of arroyos and low brush.

When she'd gathered everything she needed for bathing, she trailed Megan through the maze of hallways back to her room.