Sentence Examples with the word mayhem

Betsy was beside herself with frustration when she heard what mayhem our nemesis had wrought.

If Lydia Larkin had heard Westlake's admission before she fired the fatal shot, it was apparently lost in her mind in the mayhem that followed.

I asked, more to take his mind off mayhem than to elicit information.

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Gladiators lumbered toward one another, dragging their weighty hoses like giant pythons, heads down, intent on wreaking mayhem on their opponents while the combatant did the same to them.

Someone broke into this house of one of my targets and some sort of mayhem followed.

It lay there, under the bureau, ringing away, as if out of spite for the mayhem he'd thrust upon it.

There was no sign of mayhem in the vehicle although a restraint was bolted to the rear floor.

Apparently the historic Calvia dinner transpired without bloodletting, or at least no mayhem was reported by Cynthia after her lengthy conversation ended.

I tried to force from my memory the mayhem and violence Grasso had wrought across the country.

I'd lived so clement an existence that the sum total of my exposure to mayhem came from the soft cushioned sofa fronting a wide screen television.