Sentence Examples with the word mayer

The neighbors haven't seen her and she isn't out with Mr. Mayer either.

But, unlike Mayer and Seguin, Joule was not content with assuming that when air is compressed or allowed to expand the heat generated or absorbed is the equivalent of the work done and of that only, no change being made in the internal energy of the air itself when the temperature is kept constant.

Probably the fact noted by Mayer (Phil.

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Joule afterwards proved (see below) that Mayer's assumption was in accordance with fact, so that his method was a sound one as far as experiment was concerned; and it was only on account of the values of the specific heats of air at constant pressure and at constant volume employed by him being very inexact that the value of the mechanical equivalent of heat obtained by Mayer was very far from the truth.

Dean passed out his business card to Mayer and a few of the other workers in case anything important came to mind.

Not like Mayer and half those whoozies.

A Mr. Edwin Mayer hoped to be able to sneak him in at that time, or so squeaked his nasal-voiced secretary.

JULIUS ROBERT MAYER (1814-1878), German physicist, was born at Heilbronn on the 25th of November 1814, studied medicine at Tubingen, Munich and Paris, and after a journey to Java in 1840 as surgeon of a Dutch vessel obtained a medical post in his native town.

Before Dean could answer, Mayer hollered over his partition.

The knee injury Mayer mentioned had occurred a year before and while it might have kept Byrne from jogging, it was no more than a temporary ailment.