Sentence Examples with the word mayenne

But after having tried to seize Paris (as later Rouen) by a coup-de-main, he was obliged to raise the siege in view of reinforcements sent to Mayenne by the duke of Parma.

Hydrogen appears to have been recognized by Paracelsus in the 16th century; the combustibility of the gas was noticed by Turquet de Mayenne in the 17th century, whilst in 1700 N.

Oats and barley are generally cultivated, the former more especially in the Parisian region, the latter in Mayenne and one or two of the neighboring departments.

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In 1808 he lost both his position and his money by the fall of his patron, and retired first to Craon in Mayenne and then to Angers, where he died on the 5th of July 1826.

As councillor to the duke of Mayenne he sought to reconcile him with Henry IV.

Chlons-sur-Marne MAYENNE Laval MEURTHE-ET-MOSELLE - Nancy .

On one side were the former ministers, Sillery and president Jeannin, ex-leaguers but loyalists, no lovers of Spain and still less of Germany; on the other the princes of the blood and the great nobles, Cond, Guise, Mayenne and Nevers, apparently still much more faithful to French ideas, but in reality convinced that the days of kings were over and that their own had arrived.

Slate is obtained in large quantities from the departments of Maine-ct-Loire (Angers), Ardennes (Fumay) and Mayenne (Renaz).

Other groups of less importance are situated in the Lyonnais (Roanne and Tarare) and Mayenne (Laval and Mayenne).

Maine-et populated and the three most sparsely populated depart- Marne ments in France: Mayenne Meurthe Inhabitants to the Square Mile.