Sentence Examples with the word maybe

In fact, maybe he didn't know her very well.

They were caught in an impossible position: stay loyal to Gabriel and maybe never see the underworld again or deal with the Dark One to return home.

Then again, maybe she would enjoy a more lavish lifestyle.

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There are tests I could conduct that would give us direction and maybe some answers but he refuses to even discuss them.

Seated statues of both the Plinies, clad in the garb of scholars of the year 1500, maybe seen in the niches on either side of the main entrance to the cathedral church of Como.

Well, I thought maybe I would wait until the next full moon, then find Elisabeth and let her rip out what's left of my guts.

Dusty had maybe a thousand Guardians assigned to North America remaining after he sent all he could spare to the European front.

Like adoption, maybe she would warm to the idea.

But they weren't married - and maybe it was a good thing.

Well... Yancey, maybe you're the one I should be careful about.