Sentence Examples with the word mayan

This period coincides roughly with the peak of the Mayan civilization.

Most of his writings were gibberish to me; Sanskrit or Mayan glyphs came to mind.

Mexican culture with Mayan influence.

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The Itzas were one of the eighteen semi-independent Maya states, whose incessant internecine wars at length brought about the dismemberment of the empire of Xibalba and the destruction of Mayan civilization.

The easternmost limit of prehistoric Mayan civilization, on the Pacific coast of Central America, is Fonseca Bay, with the island of Zacate Grande.

That these Pipils, who may be descendants from the peoples of the Mexican Plateau, migrated into territories previously occupied by an older race of Mayan origin.

Ethnol.; also The Temples of the Cross and Mayan Nomenclature (Cambridge, Mass., 1906); David Boyle, Reports of the Provincial Museum of Toronto on Archaeology and Ethnology of Canada; D.

Surely some would have devoted a life to science, dissecting the Mayan language or the searching out demise of the Anasazi Empire.

It is significant that Mayan civilization cannot be traced in any other part of Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

Thence, according to their traditions they removed, on the breaking up of the Mayan kingdom in 1420, to an island in the lake where another city was built.