Sentence Examples with the word maya

These included Roncesvalles and Maya (July 25); Sorauren (July 28 and 30); Yanzi (Aug.

If we can be sure - and the linguistic evidence admits of no doubt - that the Chorotega had their centre in Nicaragua and thence extended north-westwards, it may be hoped that Chorotegan remains will be found in the vast territory occupied for many centuries by the Maya peoples in the Pacific part of Guatemala.

Among other and later works, including some who have devoted themselves more especially to Maya inscriptions, are: Arnold and Frost, The American Egypt (London, 1909); H.

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The Huavis inhabit four small villages among the lagoons on the southern shore of Tehuantepec and have been classed by Belmar as belonging to the Maya stock.

Valenzuelana), which like the maya yields a brilliant, flexible product like silk; stronger cordage by the corojo palms, and various henequen plants, native and exotic (especially Agave americana, A.

The Itzas were one of the eighteen semi-independent Maya states, whose incessant internecine wars at length brought about the dismemberment of the empire of Xibalba and the destruction of Mayan civilization.

Strong, fine, glossy fibres are yielded by the exotic ramie (Boehmeria nivea), whose fibre, like that of the majagua, is almost incorruptible; by the maya or rat-pineapple (Bromelia Pinguin), and by the daquilla (or daiguiya - Lagetta lintearia, L.

The Indian element in the population is made up of several distinct races - the Aztec or Mexican, Misteca-Zapoteca, Maya or Yucateco, Otomi or Othomi, and in smaller number the Totonac, Tarasco, Apache, Matlanzingo, Chontal, Mixe, Zoque, Guaicuro, OpataPima, Tapijulapa, Seri and Huavi.

Forstemann (Numerous articles in Globus and other German publications, 1893-1897, on Maya inscriptions); E.

The sites of some of the old Maya cities are also considered dangerous at certain seasons.