Sentence Examples with the word may 1

The council, with Thomas Cromwell at their head, visited him on the 7th of May 1 535, and his refusal to acknowledge Henry as supreme head of the church was the ground of his trial.

The Duke of Connaught's elder daughter, Princess Margaret (1882), was married in 1905 to the Crown Prince of Sweden, and died at Stockholm May 1 1920.

Protracted negotiations ensued, but they ended by the election of Prince Vladislav of Poland at Kutna Hora, the 27th of May 1 1.

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By the execution of the king and the removal of Marie Antoinette to the Conciergerie, Madame Elizabeth was deprived of her companions in the Temple prison, and on the 9th of May 1 794 she was herself transferred to the Conciergerie, and haled before the revolutionary tribunal.

In May 1 775 a British schooner in the Mystic defended by a force of marines was taken by colonial militia under General John Stark and Israel Putnam, - one of the first conflicts of the War of Independence.

In 1790 he was elected to the United States senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of William Grayson, and although in this body he vigorously opposed Washington's administration, Washington on the 27th of May 1 794 nominated him as minister to France.

He was convicted by the Queen's Bench on the 21st of May 1 593, and hanged on the 29th at the unusual hour of 4 p.m., the signature of his old enemy Whitgift being the first of those affixed to the warrant.

Disagreeing with the President, he resigned and returned to his estate May 1 1917.

In May 1 554 Giron defeated the army of the judges at Chuquinga, but he was hopelessly routed at Fucara on the 11th of October 1 554, captured, and on the 7th of December executed at Lima.