Sentence Examples with the word maximum

When the load on a hardened wire is gradually increased, the maximum value of I is found to correspond with a greater stress than when the load is gradually diminished, this being an effect of hysteresis.

When two notes are not quite in unison the resulting sound is found to alternate between a maximum and minimum of loudness recurring periodically.

The middle Niger, however, reaches its maximum near Timbuktu only in January; in February and March it sinks slowly above the narrows of Tosaye, and more rapidly below them, the level being kept up by supplies from backwaters and lakes; and by April there is a decrease of about 5 ft.

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The financial crisis of that year caused an increase, which continued until the imminence of the Civil War, when it rose from 65 millions in 186o to 91 millions in 1861, to 514 in 1862, to 1120 in 1863, to 1816 in 1864, to 2681 in June, and its maximum (2846 millions) in August 1865.

The value of H is equal to the maximum tension on the bottom flange, or compression on the top flange, of a girder of equal span, equally and similarly loaded, and having a depth equal to the dip of the suspension bridge.

Thus in the case of phycoerythrin the maximum absorption, apart from the great absorption at the blue end of the spectrum, is not, as in the case where chlorophyll occurs alone, near the Fraunhofer line B, but farther to the right beyond the line D.

Below the sea to a maximum height (Mauna Kea) on the largest island (Hawaii) of 13,823 ft.

The maximum pressure is not uniform from the ground level to the roof but is greatest at the centre; it is diminished near the ground level by the frictional resistance of the ground, and at the eaves by the eddies formed by the air escaping over the roof.

If appears that the maximum brightness in the first ring is only about 5 1 1 of the brightness at the centre.

The maximum compressive working stress on the concrete may be 500 lb per sq.