Sentence Examples with the word max

Moong), a form of which plant with black seeds (P. Max of Roxburgh) is termed black gram, is an important article of diet among the labouring classes in India.

The information is epitomized by Max Heimbucher, Orden and Kongregationen, i.

Winge, and endorsed by Professor Max Weber, is also taken to include the koala.

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The poet Max von Schenkendorf (1784-1817) was born at Tilsit.

The art school, founded by him in 1848, has had a notable series of eminent painters among its professors, including Preller, Bocklin, Kalckreuth, Max Schmidt, Pauwels, Heumann, Verlat and Thedy.

Cuming, In the Shadow of the Pagoda (London, 1893), With the Jungle Folk (London, 1897); Max and Bertha Ferrars, Burma (London, 1900); H.

Th ldner (Stuttgart, 1886-1895; also in English); translation into rman by Spiegel (Leipzig, 1852), and into English by Darmesteter mi xford, 1880) in Max Mullers Sacred Books of the Easi.

An analogous statement may be made with regard to the sea-cows, or Sirenia, which appear to be derivates from the great herbivorous order of Ungulata, and might consequently be included in that group, as indeed has been already done in Dr Max Weber's classification.

P. 306; Max Marie, Hist.

There are monuments to the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (born here in 1729), to the poet Wilhelm Muller, father of Professor Max Muller, also a native of the place, to the emperor William I., and an obelisk commemorating the war of 1870-71.