Sentence Examples with the word mausoleum

She built at Frogmore a magnificent mausoleum where she might be buried with him.

In this mausoleum Theodoric was buried, but his body was cast forth from it, perhaps during the troublous times of the siege of Ravenna by the imperial troops, and the Rotunda (as it is now generally called) was converted into a church dedicated to the Virgin.

In the vicinity is the Rosenhdhe, with the mausoleum of the ducal house, with the tomb of the grand-duchess Alice, daughter of Queen.

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The church of St Anne (1714) has a mausoleum containing the tomb of the duke of Cambridge (d.

On the Rotenberg, where formerly stood the ancestral castle of the house of Wurttemberg, is the mausoleum of King William and his wife.

His remains were brought to Sofia, where they received a public funeral, and were eventually deposited in a mausoleum erected in his memory.

The queen wished to bury him at the feet of the Swedish kings, and to raise a costly mausoleum in his honour; but these plans were overruled, and a plain monument in the Catholic cemetery was all that marked the place of his rest.

Aurangzeb, who erected here a mausoleum to his wife which has been compared to the Taj at Agra, made the city the seat of his government during his viceroyalty of the Deccan, and gave it the name of Aurangabad.

The monuments are as follows: (r) the pyramids of Egypt, (2) the gardens of Semiramis at Babylon, (3) the statue of Zeus at Olympia (see PHE1DIAS), (4) the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, (5) the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (see Mausoleum), (6) the Colossus at Rhodes, (7) the Pharos (lighthouse) of Alexandria, or the Walls of Babylon.

The gorgeous decoration of the mausoleum of Iyeyasu at NikkO, and of the gateway of the Nishi Hongwan temple at KiOto, are the most striking instances of his handiwork or direction.