Sentence Examples with the word mauritius

A similar heliometer was made by the Repsolds to the order of Lord Lindsay for his Mauritius expedition in 1874.

Among primates, a Ceylonese monkey (Macacus pileatus) has been naturalized in Mauritius for centuries, the circumstances of introduction being unknown.

The Seychelles lie outside the track of the hurricanes which occasionally devastate Reunion and Mauritius and are also immune from earthquakes.

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The total population of the dependencies of Mauritius was estimated in 1905 at 5400.

The last half of the 19th century was, however, chiefly notable in Mauritius for the number of calamities which overtook the island.

Milne-Edwards of the original drawing in a MS. Journal kept during wolphart Harmanszoon's voyage to Mauritius (A.D.

During the long war between France and England, at the commencement of the 19th century, Mauritius was a continual source of much mischief to English Indiamen and other merchant vessels; and at length the British government determined upon an expedition for its capture.

Besides the commonest Capra recurva, there is a rarer breed, Capra depressa, inhabiting the Mauritius and the islands of Bourbon and Madagascar.

Acacia heterophylla, from Mauritius and Bourbon, and Acacia koa from the Sandwich Islands are also good timber trees.

Soc. (1895); the Annual Reports on Mauritius issued by the Colonial Office, London; The Mauritius Almanack published yearly at Port Louis.