Sentence Examples with the word maui

In New Zealand, Maui was not properly baptized.

This has been called a myth of sunset, but the sun does what Maui failed to do, he passes through the body of Night unharmed.

In New Zealand, Maui stole fire from Mauika, the lord of fire.

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The sugar farms are mostly on the islands of Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai, at the bases of mountains; those on the leeward side have the better soil, but require much more irrigating.

Portion of the island the trade winds, driving through the channel between Maui and Molokai, sweep the rocks bare.

Had Maui succeeded in his attempt to pass through the body of Night (considered as a woman) men would have been immortal.

Other versions of the Death-myth in Polynesia relate that Maui stole a march on Night as she slept, and would have passed right through her to destroy her, but a little bird which sings at sunset woke her, she destroyed Maui, and men lost immortality.

The main island of Hawaii and Maui at the east end are practically without reefs; which, however, are abundant farther west.

Like the son of the Vedic Aditi, 4 Maui is a rejected and abortive child of his mother, but afterwards attains to the highest reputation.

That the mountainous mass of western Maui is much older is shown by the destruction of its crater, by its sharp ridges and by deeply eroded gorges or valleys.