Sentence Examples with the word maturity

The walls of the cells are frequently absorbed, so that when the anther attains maturity the fibres are alone left, and these by their elasticity assist in discharging the pollen.

Mithraism was at full maturity on its arrival at Rome, the only modifications it ever suffered having been experienced during its younger days in Asia.

A due consideration of it leads to the curious paradox that if any two animals be compared, the zoologically lower will be separated from the common ancestor by a larger number of generations, since, on the average, sexual maturity is reached more quickly by the lower form.

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Flowers which are closed at the time of maturity of anthers and stigmas are termed cleistogamous.

The fruit of their efforts came to maturity in the Masses of Mozart and Haydn.

His precocious maturity is strikingly evident from the first.

They come to maturity about July or August.

The first step towards the formation of a mixed hydroid colony is undoubtedly a hastening of the sexual maturity of the medusaindividual.

It is possible that we have here gonad ducts distinct from nephridia which at the time of sexual maturity do open on to the exterior.

Both sexes reach maturity early.