Sentence Examples with the word matured

In the Taenia solium it takes 3 to 3z months from the time of ingestion of the embryo to the passage of the matured segments, but in the Taenia saginata the time is only about 60 days.

Now she had matured into an even more beautiful woman.

The science of geography, passed on from antiquity by Ptolemy, re-established by Varenius and Newton, and systematized by Kant, included within itself definite aspects of all those terrestrial phenomena which are now treated exhaustively under the heads of geology, meteorology, oceanography and anthropology; and the inclusion of the requisite portions of the perfected results of these sciences in geography is simply the gathering in of fruit matured from the seed scattered by geography itself.

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But there is no reason to suppose that the political ideas of Montfort had matured before the death of Grosseteste; nor did Grosseteste busy himself overmuch with secular politics, except in so far as they touched the interest of the Church.

By the 1st of February Lord Roberts had matured his plans and begun to prepare for their execution.

Gem-engraving and jewelry follow similar lines; pottery-painting for the most part remains geometrical throughout, with crude survivals of Mycenaean curvilinear forms. Those Aegean influences, however, which had been predominant in the later Bronze Age, and had never wholly ceased, revived, as Hellenism matured and spread, and slowly repelled the mixed Phoenician orientalism.

But all was to be done by discussion, and matured change resulting from discussion.

Ricardo's works, in fact, do not explain a theoretical system, but contain the matured reflections, more or less closely reasoned, of a man of great mental power looking out on the world as it appeared to a business man experienced in affairs.

Scarcely any great mind, it has been said with justice, ever matured so slowly.

The constitution of the commonwealth had slowly matured itself through a series of revolutions, which confirmed and defined a type of singular stability.