Sentence Examples with the word mature

The common liverfluke (Distomum hepaticum) - mature equally well in the bile-ducts of a man as in those of a sheep or rabbit, others and in fact the majority are restricted apparently to one host.

Through this temporary protection the active pupa, which closely resembles the mature insect, subsequently bites a way by means of its strong mandibles, and rising to the surface of the water casts the pupal integument and becomes sexually adult.

Sometimes the Polystomum-larva attaches itself to a young tadpole, and in that case grows so rapidly as to become mature in five weeks.

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Nor was the fissure in the Protestant ranks closed, and Charles took advantage of this disunion to conquer Gelderland and to mature his preparations for overthrowing the league of Schmalkalden.

In the beginnings of consciousness instinctive reactions precede definite thoughts, and even in mature life thoughts often follow acts instead of preceding them.

A, The annulus, or remnant of B, The mature plant.

His logic and acceptance of the deformity was amazingly positive and mature for a 9-year-old.

From the Trentino he returned to Caprera to mature his designs against Rome, which had been evacuated by the French in pursuance of the Franco-Italian convention of the 15th of September 1864.

Victor Hugo's first mature work in prose fiction, Le Dernier Jour d'un condamne, has appeared thirteen years earlier (1829).

The mature Wagner would not have carried out twenty bars in his flattest scenes with so little musical invention.