Sentence Examples with the word maturation

In the case of maturation in bottle the most prominent features are the mellowing of the somewhat hard taste associated with new wine and the development of the secondary bouquet.

Chemistry Of Wine Maturation of the Grape.

The maturation of wine, whether it be in bottle or in cask, is an exceedingly interesting operation.

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In ancient times the cultivation of the vine indicated a relatively settled and stable form of civilization, inasmuch as the vine requires a considerable maturation period.

The method of vinification is similar to that employed in other parts of Portugal, but the method employed for hastening the maturation of the wine is peculiar and characteristic. This consists in subjecting the wine, in buildings specially designed for this purpose, to a high temperature for a period of some months.

This multiplication of the seed-bearing branches might at first sight be considered advantageous; but in practice the quality of the grain is found to be inferior, as if the force that should have been devoted to the maturation of the grain were, in a measure, diverted and expended in the production of additional branches to the spike.

The spermatogenesis and maturation and fertilization of the germ-cells present nothing out of the common and need not be C.

Xvi.; Las Rsultats acquis stir las cinses de maturation dans les deux rgnes, La Cellule (1905), vol.

On the maturation of the oospheres the outer layer of the oogonial wall ruptures, and the oospheres, still surrounded by a middle and inner layer, pass out through the mouth of the conceptacle.

In every species the segments develop from the scolex distally and increase in size with the maturation of the contained female genital organs.