Sentence Examples with the word matting

There is a corn exchange and the agricultural trade is considerable; brushes and matting are manufactured.

The people of the south and south-east make large use of soft rush matting for covering, and they also prepare a rough cloth of bark.

The town possesses ironfoundries, sack and matting manufactories, tanneries, breweries, corn mills and brick and terra-cotta works.

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The vats are fitted with filters made of coco-nut matting and jute cloth supported on wooden frames.

There are a town-hall and corn exchange, and an industry in the manufacture of matting and in malting.

Happily the sultan allowed the mosaic figures, then exposed to view, to be covered with matting before being plastered over.

Hailsham has a considerable agricultural trade, and manufactures of rope and matting are carried on.

Sometimes, however, it was of matting or was seated with leather, or it would take the form of a narrow fringed girdle resembling that of many African tribes.

Rugs of skins or rush matting were used for sitting on, and the whole - was surrounded with a palisade.

The native manufactures include tanned leather, saddles, shoes, ponchos, woollen and cotton cloth, fibre sandals and sacking, blankets, coarse matting and coarse woollen carpets.