Sentence Examples with the word matron

Pietas is represented on coins as a matron throwing incense on an altar, her attribute being a stork.

The likeness he is recorded to have painted of Ginevra de' Bend used to be traditionally identified with the fine portrait of a matron at the Pitti absurdly known as La Monaca: more lately it has been recognized in a rather dull, expressionless Verrocchiesque portrait of a young woman with a fanciful background of pine-sprays in the Liechtenstein gallery at Vienna.

Xxviii.) couples her name with that of Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi, as an example of the Roman matron 1 In spite of the explicit statements of Suetonius, Plutarch and Appian that Caesar was in his fifty-sixth year at the time of his murder, it is, as Mommsen has shown, practically certain that he was born in 102 B.C., since he held the chief offices of state in regular order, beginning with the aedileship in 65 B.C., and the legal age for this was fixed at 37-38.

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An example of the offence occurs as early as the 3rd century in the purchase of the bishopric of Carthage by a wealthy matron for her servant, if the note to Gibbon (vol.

In 1544, consisted of a matron and twelve nurses, who were engaged in domestic occupations when off duty.

When he stepped inside the ancient building, he was surprised to see Fred was engaged in a robust game of pinochle with the jail matron in the outside office.

I hope you'll play both Wedding Planner and Matron of honor.

This was unusual, as Bird Song's matron had pestered him about the details of the emerging flora since he had arrived at the inn the prior week.

In all household work she was specially proficient, her skill in the use of the needle not being excelled (she said) by that of any matron even of Rouen.

Dean said, in a volume that caused an elderly matron from Mobile to spill her dominoes and then knee the table and dump her companion's tiles.