Sentence Examples with the word matrix

It was such a muddle that it actually managed to make The Matrix seem coherent.

Anything that looks too much like The Matrix movies or The Terminator movies is just, well, kind of creepy.

To these, by a natural process, succeeded the matrix formed of only a thin slice of stone, which was more conveniently adapted for the bezel of the ring; and in this shape the engraved matrix passed on from the Greeks to the Romans.

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The localities at which the diamond has been supposed to occur in its original matrix are the following: - at Wajra Karur, in the Cuddapah district, India, M.

Hence arose the use of the counterseal, which might be an impression from a matrix actually so called (contrasigillum), or that of a signet or private seal (secretum), such countersealing implying a personal corroboration of the sealing.

In proportioning the quantities of matrix to aggregate the ideal to be aimed at is to get a concrete in which the voids or air-spaces shall be as small as possible; and as the lime or cement is usually by far the most expensive item, it is desir able to use as little of it as is consistent with strength.

The constituents of concrete are sometimes spoken of as the matrix and the aggregate, and these terms, though somewhat oldfashioned, are convenient.

C. Lewis, The Genesis and Matrix of the Diamond (1897); L.

Crystals have the form of small, sharply defined cubes of an oliveor grass-green colour, and occur together in considerable numbers on the matrix of the specimens.

When mixed the concrete is carried at once to the position required, and if the matrix is quick-setting Portland cement this operation must not be delayed.