Sentence Examples with the word mating

I just want to see the mating marks.

The mating bond of the Immortals and deities and the blood bond of the demons were the two oldest bonds, unbreakable under the Immortal Code and from the laws older than the Code.

You were enough me to convince the laws governing Immortal mating that you were Gabriel's mate, until I reappeared a few hours ago and set things straight, including telling Fate to fuck off.

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There's no fucking chance of bringing you back, even if somehow you were to escape the mating bond.

The action of the bees themselves makes this point clear, for when the season of mating is past the drone is no longer needed, the providing of winter stores taking first place in the economy of the hive.

The immortal mating rules from the time-before-time couldn't be broken.

Naturalist, 1906, pp. 7 6 9-795, 82 9- 8 59) finds that foremost in the long series of causes which lead to extinction are the grander environmental changes, such as physiographic changes, diminished or contracted land areas, substitution of insular for continental conditions; changes of climate and secular lowering of temperature accompanied by deforestation and checking of the food supply; changes influencing the mating period as well as fertility; changes causing increased humidity, which in turn favours enemies among insect life.

Her hand went to her neck, where the name of her Ancient Immortal mate, Rhyn, had been until he broke their mating bond two days before.

She had two markings on her back: One burgundy, the familiar Immortal mating tattoo, and the new one black, positioned directly beneath the original.

So clear is the evidence on this point that any one adequately acquainted at first hand with the phenomena, by employing an albino of known gametic structure and mating it with a coloured individual, also of known gametic constitution, could predict the result.