Sentence Examples with the word mater

No, as a mater of fact, he already knew where to find you.

Still, no mater how early she got up, the stove was always burning and Alex preceded her to the dairy.

The rhetorical schools experienced a brilliant revival under Constantine and his successors, when Athens became the alma mater of many notable men, including Julian, Libanius, Basil and Gregory of Nazianzus, and in her professors owned the last representatives of a humane and moralized paganism.

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They'll think what they want no mater what she does.

As a mater of fact, she was starting to think that her idea of the right man was nothing more than a pipe dream.

And they accept you no mater what.

As regards the inner ear, the endolymphatic duct ends in a closed saccus, imbedded in the dura mater of the cranial cavity.

Cynthiae figuras aemulatur Mater Amorum.

As a mater of fact, he can't give me the thing I want most.

One mile W.N.W., on the hill above Le Ferriere, remains of an archaic temple, ascribed to Mater Matuta, were discovered by excavation in 1896.