Sentence Examples with the word mated

When the kings of our people found them, they mated with them to bind them to them.

If A'Ran had mated with a proper nishani, we'd not be losing this war.

She faced the goddess, rage streaking through her along with the terror of being mated to the Dark One.

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Her sister is mated to the second son of our ruler.

Yesterday was the first day we've spent together since you mated with her months ago.

He'd mated with Claire five months ago.

She also threw Mineral, who, when mated with Lord Clifden, produced Wenlock, winner of the St Leger, and after being sold to go to Hungary, was there mated with Buccaneer, the produce being Kisber, winner of the Derby.

The particular pattern will only appear when the coloured parent is mated with the particular albino.

Telling him that she'd mated off human-Deidre to the Dark One would make Gabriel hate her.

Your skills as an Oracle were terrible, but he would've mated with you anyway, he corrected her.