Sentence Examples with the word mate

Darkyn's mate was gazing at her.

She couldn't help thinking the creature whose job it was to trick people into Hell wasn't above lying to the human mate he took.

On a mission to ensure there was a clean slate between his mate and Darkyn, Gabriel waited in the middle of Deidre's old apartment for the Dark One to arrive.

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Show me the deals past-Death and my mate made with the Dark One within the past year.

Some beetles emit a bright light from a portion of their bodies, which leads to the recognition of mate or comrade by sight.

For, spite of her leak, and spite of all her other perils, the Town-Ho still maintained her mast-heads, and her captain was just as willing to lower for a fish that moment, as on the day his craft first struck the cruising ground; and Radney the mate was quite as ready to change his berth for a boat, and with his bandaged mouth seek to gag in death the vital jaw of the whale.

Written across the top of her back was his name and the geometric Immortal script marking her as his mate by Immortal law.

Unfortunately, the potential mate must be brought into the fold, even if doing so sinks the proverbial ship.

I'm not the mate of the Dark One.

A blue haired old lady with a walker and her mate hauling an oxygen tank looked at me as If I was the Boston strangler.